Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Much Longer?

Ok, I've been asked a lot lately, "so, you have her pictures, now what?" So, I thought it was time to do another one of my prediction posts. So, here goes:

1. We received our referral on June 6th, 2007 (pictures, medical information, etc.)
2. We had our first pre-travel meeting on Monday, June 11th, at AHH in Lexington.
  • There will be 8 families traveling with us to Chongqing (Chong-Ching) and 6 other Special Needs parents will do part of the trip with us, but will go to a different province to get their child.

3. All paperwork was due at AHH by Thursday, June 14th, by all families.

4. On Friday, June 15th, all acceptance letters were mailed to China and we now wait on our TA (Travel Approval Letter) which takes 30-40 days.

5. On Friday, the travel coordinator also sent all Passports, via Courier Service, to get our Chinese Visas.

6. After our TA arrives from China, we can then apply for a Consulate Appt. with the U.S. Embassy in Guangzhou, China. Once we know our CA date, then we can back up two weeks from that date and decide the date we depart. Right now, if things go as hoped, it looks as if we will leave on Aug. 2nd and will return on Aug. 16th. We could leave a week earlier, if the paperwork we're waiting on arrives sooner, so please pray.

This is all we know right now. Once again, we're waiting, but we are SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Recent Pictures from Karsynn's Orphanage

A lady on our Yahoo Group site just received updated pics of her SN child she's adopting. I'm posting a few that show some kids in Karsynn's orphanage. The little girl in pink has hair like Karsynn, but Troy and I think she's too big to be Karsynn. One family from our group does believe their little girl is in one of the pictures.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

AHH Picnic with New and Old Friends

We had a blast today. I won't say much, but will post lots of pictures! Enjoy some snapshots of us and our adoption family.

Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Time for the AHH Picnic!

Well, it's time for the annual A Helping Hand picnic. This year will be different, though. Last year, Troy and I were "lurkers" who walked around watching all the families enjoy themselves and talking to others about their journey to China. This year, we don't have Karsynn, but we are closer. We have a referral. We had t-shirts made with Karsynn's referral picture on them and they say, "Karsynn's Mommy and Karsynn's Daddy." We figure, this way we won't be pulling her picture out to show her off. She'll be right there in plain view. Can you tell we're proud? I'll post pictures of the t-shirts and picnic later. There are no updates to tell you about yet. Our paperwork for a Chinese Visa has been sent to Washington, D.C. and we're waiting on Travel Acceptance Letters from China. As soon as we get those, we can apply for a Consulate Appointment date in Guangzhou, China, and then we'll schedule our travel. So, until then, we wait...the story of our lives for the past 19 months.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and Dads-to-Be that are so special in my life! Enjoy your day! You all deserve it! To Karsynn's daddy, we love you very much and appreciate all that you do for us! Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Map of Chongqing Where Karsynn Is!

Karsynn is the city of Nanchuan, which is southeast of the largest city in her province, Chongqing. Click on the map to make it larger, so that you can see Nanchuan.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We had our 1st Travel Meeting

Yesterday was a day that we thought might never come. We had our first official travel meeting at AHH in Lexington. It appears there will be 14 families traveling with our group, eight that received referrals this June and 6 that are adopting Special Needs children. Our dates are tentative and apt to change, but right now it looks as if we may leave for China on August 2nd and return August 16th. These dates are very sketchy right now, as we are still waiting on a Travel Approval Letter from China and will need to apply for a Consulate Appt. in Guangzhou. Things have been so crazy since receiving Karsynn's referall, but hopefully they will calm down for a least a little while. Troy and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement since we received her referral. My heart just flutters when I look at that beautiful face. So many of you brag about how beautiful Karsynn is (and she is) and that really makes my heart smile. I'm a proud Mama!!! We'll keep you posted on the next steps!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Pics from Today

Here are some more pictures from our eventful day. Troy is pointing to Karsynn's province and Beijing, which will be two stops we'll make while in China. The two babies are Karsynn and CJ (Cynthia Jane), whose parents will travel with us and are from Ohio. We all met today at AHH to receive our referral information and pictures. What a day!!!!

We Got the Call!!!!

Karsynn's picture is HERE!!! Oh my gosh! We're on our way to Lexington to pick it up right now! We'll post later!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Karsynn's Chinese Name: Nan Min Bao
She's 6 months and 24 days old today, June 6, 2007
She was born November 12, 2006, just two days before our anniversary.
Karsynn is from the Nanchuan Social Welfare Orphanage in the Chonquing Province

No Phone Call YET!

Ok, so I did manage a bit of sleep last night. However, I've been cleaning house like a crazy woman since I woke up this morning. I've done laundry, cleaned the bathroom, picked up around the rest of the house. I need this kind of excitement a little more often, it seems. I emailed our Family Advocate this a.m. and said, "I'm not going to ask, but her are some numbers for you to call in a specific order, just in case." His reply to me was "okie dokie," so he seemed to be in a good mood for some reason. I've sent Troy to Wal-Mart for video tapes and a broom (crack me up!). I told him not to be gone long, but we know how Troy is when he runs in to someone he knows. Lord help us all!!! Now, this is all for this post. As soon as I know more, then I'll update again. Will this be the day we finally see Karsynn's face...Stay Tuned!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is this REALLY happening?????

Oh my goodness! We just checked the Rumor Queen website, and she has already posted that our family is expecting a referral this month. It just doesn't seem real. I'm not sure how much sleep I'll manage tonight, but my schedule is clear tomorrow for "the call!!!!" When, and if, we get the call tomorrow, Troy and I will travel to Lexington to our adoption agency, A Helping Hand, to pick up Karsynn's birth information and pictures. We are planning a big celebration with a couple of friends who will travel to China with us. Here is a rough plan for our next steps:

  • Get the call and travel to Lexington to get her pictures this week (hopefully tomorrow!)
  • Take it all in, then make an appointment for a pediatrician in Lexington, who specializes in International Adoption, to look over Karsynn's birth information
  • Accept our referral with A Helping Hand within a week
  • Our Acceptance will be sent to China and we will receive a Travel Acceptance letter within weeks, hopefully
  • Send a care package of goodies to Karsynn at her orphanage
  • Wait for a Consulate Appointment in Guangzhou, China
  • Begin making travel arrangements to China
  • Hopefully leaving for China at the end of July or 1st of August
  • "Gotcha Day" in China (the day we've been waiting for)

Someone pinch me...

Referrals are beginning to arrive on the West Coast!

Ok, so at least 4 people have posted that they've received "the call" from their agency that their referral has arrived. All of these were logged in on November 7, 2005, so that means we must be in. I'm not going to "jump the gun" here, because we have not received our call yet. Could it be that we'll see Karsynn's face tomorrow? Could her picture and birth information actually be here on U.S. soil right now as I type? OH MY GOSH!!! I am a "mess" right now. Troy had to go umpire tonight, but I made him promise to keep his cell phone turned on. I don't think we'll hear anything tonight, but tomorrow could be the day we've been dreaming of for so long. Tomorrow is June 6th, quite possibly the happiest day of our lives. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

No News Yet!

Well, it's Saturday evening (Sunday Morning) now, and no news whatsoever on Rumor Queen's website. It's eerily quiet. I'm hoping that maybe she'll start to hear some rumors tomorrow evening, which will be Monday morning in China. We did receive our final document from USCIS today in Louisville. We've been waiting for it since April 20th, so it took over a month to process it. This is the document that approves us for a child. A copy is also sent to the consulate in China. This is the 2nd time we've had to apply for this paper because the adoption process slowed down dramatically. Our fingerprints are good through 12/07, so let's HOPE we travel to China before then. If not, then just "put me out of my misery!" I'll keep you posted.