Saturday, September 24, 2005

Day 71 and STILL waiting!!!!

Troy and I have been in contact with our Adoption Agency, Senator Mitch McConnell's office, and Sen. Ben Chandler's office, and still no I-171H. However, according to our Family Advocate, Ebbie, USCIS says that there isn't anything missing in our paperwork that would cause this holdup. Instead, USCIS has gotten behind on things, and our case is still being processed, whatever that means??? Wednesday of this coming week will make two weeks since Sen. McConnell's office checked on things for us, so if we don't receive the document by then, then we'll contact our liason with his office again. UGHHHHHHHH! Enough venting! Troy and I just got home from the UK vs. Florida football game. What a nightmare! The score was so dreadful, that we left at half-time and went shopping for Karsynn at the mall. While we were there, God sent us another "sign" by allowing us to bump into a couple with an adopted daughter from China named Lily. She was so full of life and was the cutest thing you've ever seen. They shared their story with us, wished us well, and they were gone. It's the simple reminders that God sends our way that keeps us strong during this long, tedious process. The reward in the end will be well worth the wait, though. I dragged Troy into every store imaginable tonight that had baby clothes. When Karsynn comes home, we'll never have any money. Oh well. It's not like we have much now anyway!!!! Good-bye for now. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day 60 comes Tuesday, Sept. 13th

Well, Tuesday, September 13, will make 60 days that we've been waiting on our final document, the I-171H. I can't believe that Kentucky has dragged this out so long. On Wednesday, our Family Advocate at AHH, Ebbie, will be able to make some contacts to find out where our document is. Until then, all we can do is WAIT. I've been fine up until this point, but now I'm simply impatient. Ok, enough venting. On a good note, Troy and I received the most precious gift the other day for Karsynn. It was a quilt with Panda Bears on it that was purchased by a very special family in Beijing. Along with the quilt, came a beautiful picture of a baby girl from China and a story that I will carry in my heart forever. Let's just say that from this gift I've learned to rely on my Faith. Until next time...