Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st Camping Trip in our New Camper and Upcoming Vacation...

We just got home from a three day camping trip at Fort Boonesborough. It was our first trip in our new pop up tent camper. We had such a good time. The first two days were quiet and peaceful, but yesterday all the weekend campers came. We took Karsynn swimming one day, the other two days were spent just chilling out around camp. I actually got to read 24 chapters in a book I started a year ago. My, my, how motherhood changes your life!! For the good, of course. Just no time for myself anymore, but that's ok. I wouldn't change a thing!!! We leave Friday for our big trip to Orlando and Daytona Beach. We are flying, so this will be the first flight that Karsynn will actually remember taking. We are spending 3 days in Orlando visiting Disney World, Sea World, and Aquatica, which is a new water park. Then, we're off to spend the remainder of our time in Daytona just relaxing on the beach or at the pool. I can't wait to see Karsynn experience so many new, fun things. I'll try to post pictures from our camping trip later this week.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Troy's dad. He is doing GREAT!!! God is soooo good!!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There is much to pray about in our household...

1. Troy's dad has lung cancer surgery Friday, so please remember him in your prayers. Troy's mom, Teresa, is having a very difficult time with this, and other things that are going on in her life. She needs your prayers, too.

2. Troy needs to pass a very important test to complete his Master's Degree in Guidance Counseling this summer. Please pray that God will grant him the knowledge necessary to do so. He also needs your prayers, as he is very worried about his dad, too.

3. We are still in the discussion stages of a 2nd adoption. We both feel that God has another child planned for us, but we're just not sure what His exact plan is yet. Please pray that God will show us what to do and that we will have listening ears. Patience is a virtue, and right now, I have NONE. Pray for me, too.

I realize this is a long list, but as the old saying goes, "When it rains it pours!" This too shall pass. I know that God will see us through all of these trials and tribulations.

The latest on Karsynn...
1. We are in the beginning stages of potty training. Wow, what a job!
2. She continues to grow taller and taller, but she's not gaining much weight. I guess she'll be a tall and skinny Chongqing girl!
3. She absolutely loves the pool. We are working on learning to swim! She's miss independent and wants very little help from us and depends on her arm floaties.
4. Her vocabulary continues to impress even her mommy! She is such a bright, clever, expressive, and dramatic little girl. (Drama Queen...look it up in the dictionary and you'll find her picture.)
5. She looked at me the other day and said..."No more daycare!" So cute! Summer Break!
6. We finally purchased a new tent camper, so we hope to be able to do some serious camping this summer and fall.
7. Our vacation plans include a trip to Florida to visit Disney World, Sea World, and of course THE BEACH!!! Karsynn absolutely cannot wait!
8. My big girl is 2 years and 7 months old...oh my! I can't believe how time flies!