Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Our Sonogram Picture

A friend of mine sent me our first official ultrasound picture. She said that every new mother needs a picture of her first sonogram. Just think, Karsynn is there somewhere in the big country of China.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Karsynn's Cousins

Karsynn will have two cousins. Whitney is 10 and Dylan is 8, and they can't wait for Karsynn to come home to us. They talk about her all the time, and they promise me that they'll help me take care of her, maybe even babysit one day? We'll see! Posted by Picasa

Karsynn's Buddy

This is Bentley, our Yorkshire Terrier. He has been our baby for 3 years, and he will be Karsynn's "Best Friend." We also have an outside dog named Biscuit. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gifts from Mamaw and Papaw Davis

This is a picture of my beautiful white rocker that my parents bought for us. I'm sure I'll spend many countless hours rocking Karsynn to sleep or simply reading our favorite books in this chair. The rocking horse was a Christmas gift from Mamaw Davis. The horse neighs and its head and tail moves when you press its ear. Quite cute! Thanks Mamaw and Papaw! Posted by Picasa

Gifts for Karsynn

We plan on sending the baby elephant with a care package to China when we know what orphanage Karsynn is in. We'll include a note that says when the mommy and baby elephants are back together, then we'll be a family forever. The baby doll was a Christmas gift from Grandma Teresa. She's an Asian doll with beautiful almond shaped eyes. Posted by Picasa


Well, 3/04 will make four months that our paperwork was logged in with China. That's four months down and ? months to go. We hope only 4, but we are at the mercy of the Chinese government now, so who knows? I'm sure they're doing their best to match waiting families, and we are so appreciative. Our agency did receive 22 referrals this month, so that means that 22 more "china dolls" will be coming home forever very soon. Over the past few weeks, we've been in contact with 8 or 9 couples from our agency who may possibly be traveling with us on our journey. They all seem so nice, and it's wonderful to be able to chat with those who know what we are going through. We hope to make some new lifelong friends during this process, not only for ourselves, but for Karsynn, too. Until next time...