Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Wait gets Even LONGER!!!!

For many of you, I'm sure it's difficult to understand how and why this adoption is taking SOOOOO LONGGGGG. Well, the only answer or explanation we have for you is that we are at the mercy of the Chinese government. There simply isn't anything that we, or anyone else, can do at this point. We, along with thousands of other adoptive parents, simply wait. Another update was issued on CCAA's website today, and it's NOT looking good. At the pace they are going, it's difficult to predict when we might get our referral for Karsynn. In order to make this unbearable wait easier for Troy and I, we simply aren't going to make anymore predictions about our referral and travel dates. It's just too hard!! Please don't be offended if you ask about the adoption and we simply say, "We're still waiting." That's the truth and we don't know anything more than that. All we can do is wait and pray that God's plan involves a referral very soon, as our hearts break over and over again each month as fewer referrals are given. Thank you for being patient with us during this difficult wait.