Friday, February 02, 2007

Referrals are Here!

CCAA has updated the site and they have issued referrals for those families logged in from Sept. 29-Oct. 13. So, here are my predictions for the upcoming months. Remember, there are so many factors to consider, so these are only my predictions. We cannot control what CCAA does. Only God knows when Karsynn will be ready for us to come get her.

Good Case Scenario:
End of Feb. Referrals (Oct. 14-Oct. 28)
End of March Ref. (Oct. 29-Nov. 12) WE ARE NOV. 4th!!!!!!!!!
Travel to China in May

Bad Case Scenario:
No Referrals in Feb. due to Chinese New Year celebration
End of March Referrals: (Oct. 14-Oct. 28)
End of April Referrals: (Oct. 29-Nov. 12) This would include us!
Travel in June to China

We hope and pray for pictures in March and travel in May, but God's will be done. Thank you for following our journey to Karsynn!
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