Saturday, August 26, 2006

August's Referrals are Arriving

Well, CCAA hasn't updated their website, so we're not certain, but it looks as if they only issued referrals for those families logged in from July 13-July 22. NOT GOOD for us. This puts us even further behind with our referrals, because we were hoping that they'd make it into August, at least. We're still holding out hope that things will SPEED UP SOON. I simply can't imagine how those people who are logged in from July 23-July 31 must be feeling right now. They just missed the cut-off. I pray that God will offer them peace and patience during this difficult time.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Whoever Holds You Tonight

Whoever holds you tonight
I pray that she has a kind heart
and a gentle spirt and that she
is loving you like her very own.

Whoever holds you tonight
I pray that she smiles a sweet smile
as she looks into your eyes and
sings you the sweetest Chinese lullaby.

Whoever holds you tonight
I pray that she whispers to you ever
so softly that your Mama and Baba are
coming for your very soon.

Whoever holds you tonight
I pray that she speaks to you of the
life that you will one day have in America
and that she assures you everything will be ok.

Whoever holds you tonight
I pray that she knows how much we love her
for taking such good care of you. I pray
that God blesses her life richly for the good that
she does.

Whoever holds you tonight
I wish that whoever was me
and one day it will be.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CCAA July Referrals

Well, CCAA did a little better this month than last. They issued referrals for babies to families logged in from June 28-July 13, so that's 15 days. I was certainly hoping and praying that they might get through all of July, but we'll take the 15 days. In the past, they've done as few as 5 days worth, so this is better. So, let me see if I can make a few predictions for all of you interested that might help you understand how this MIGHT play out over the next few months. Keep in mind that our paperwork was logged in with China on Nov. 4th, 2005.

End of August Referrals-July 14 through July 31st?
End of September Referrals-August 1-August 15
End of October Referrals-August 15-August 30
End of November Referrals-Sept. 1-Sept. 15
End of December Referrals-Sept. 16-Sept. 30
End of January 2007-Oct. 1-Oct. 15
End of February-Oct. 16-Oct. 31
End of March Referrals-Nov. 1-Nov. 15 (Which would include us!)

Now, this is the worst case scenario. This would put us at a 16 month wait for Karsynn, and I hope that's not going to be the case. What I'm hoping, is that CCAA will begin doubling up on referrals each month, like they've done in the past, or that they'll get through more than half a month of referrals each month. Please continue to send up prayers for a speed up in China.