Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Karsynn Update...3 years old body...12 year old ATTITUDE!

It has been awhile since I've had time to post, so I thought I'd update all my followers:

1. We officially have a 3 year old with an ATTITUDE. She is the most sassy little thing lately, and he daddy blames it all on me. He says she acts just like her Mama...WHATEVER!
2. Karsynn is loving going to preschool. She loves her teacher Miss Sandy, that is, until she tries to make her mind. Then she gives her that "I'm not listening to you!" attitude that she has learned from me. (I'm so embarrassed!)
3. We have quite the little artist on our hands. She's only 3 and is already drawing people and including all the important body parts, including arms and feet. Yesterday she came home with a face drawn with one eye open and one eye shut. Miss Sandy always asks them what they've drawn and writes a note out beside the picture. Karsynn told her that it was, "Karsynn winking at you!" What a HOOT!
4. We've started trying to talk to Karsynn about the possibility of adopting a brother or sister for her. She's not having it! She gets very upset and says, "I just want an airplane...a blue one...and that's all." My child thinks all babies come by airplane. She's not interested in the baby, just he airplane.
5. I've started working with Karsynn on reading some basic Sight Words. She can already recognize cat, dog, Karsynn, Sammi, Troy and G-pa. Not too bad! I just wish I had (or could make) more time to work with her. She could be reading in no time, I'm sure. She's just so naturally intelligent. I wish I could take credit for that one, but I'm sure it's genetic.
6. Finally, I think we have a future American Idol star on our hands. Her latest favorite song is, "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it." She cracks me up!

Pictures to come!