Thursday, May 28, 2009

Difficult Times...

I apologize to all of you who pop in to view updates about our Chinese princess, Miss Karsynn. Mommy has been a bit too busy to post lately, but I intend to do better this summer. A lot has been going on in our lives lately, some of which we wish wasn't. Troy's dad was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. While no one ever wants to hear "the Big C" word thrown at them, he is a very, very lucky man. The cancer is contained in the lung and after a PET scan, was found NO WHERE else in his body...Praise God. His doctor believes he can remove the mass, along with 3 small spots, via surgery. We are not certain whether or not he will require Chemotherapy or Radiation, so please pray. He health is otherwise pretty good, so we are hoping that with such early detection, the outcome will be good. Karsynn really loves her G-Pa, so send up some special prayers on his behalf. Other than that horrific news, life in our house is busy busy. Troy and I are both trying to wrap up another school year. After that, we hope to take a brief vacation to Florida then Troy starts graduate classes again in July. It looks as if Karsynn and I will spending a lot of time at home alone enjoying the pool while Daddy studies.

We would also ask that you say a prayer for us, as Troy and I both feel the tug at our hearts to adopt another child. The adoption process in China is now at a 3 year wait. As we are NOT getting any younger, we need to know soon if this is what God has planned for us. Is there another little Chinese prince or princess out there waiting for his or her forever family and are we it??? To be continued...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prayers Needed!!!

It's been some time since I posted last, and I apologize for this. Life has been a bit crazy in our house lately. Karsynn had her most severe allergy attack this past weekend, and she has been coughing and her nose has been running since. She is on yet another antibiotic, but we really had no choice. Also, my father-in-law is having some health complications right now, so please say a prayer that we get good news on Monday. I promise I will try to post some pics soon. Karsynn is getting so big and changes daily. We are such blessed parents!!!