Thursday, January 29, 2009

Karsynn's 1st Time Playing in the Snow...she loved it!

It took us 30 minutes to get dressed, we played for 30 minutes, and then it took us 15 minutes to take all those clothes off again, but it was worth it. Our little Kentucky hillybilly + Chongqing Spicy Girl, loved the snow. She wanted to make a snowman, but the snow wouldn't ball up for her, so she just threw snow at Mommy instead. She loved playing in the back of Daddy's old truck, too. She really didn't want to come inside, but Mommy was FREEZING!!!! Now, when she looks out at all the snow on the ground, she says, "I build snowman?"

"Could I get a little help here, please? This is my first time, you know?"

Karsynn, Daddy, Bentley and Biscuit playing in the snow! He's such a good Daddy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mother Nature's Wrath on Kentucky

Mother Nature has not been very kind to Kentucky over the last few days. We have more ice than snow in Mt. Sterling, but the snow is falling now. It's lovely. I've had a few extra days off with Karsynn. However, I'm tired of being cooped up in this house!

Winter outside my window...

Our own personal skating rink on the front lawn!

I guess we should have put the porch furniture and grill away before winter?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today was a busy, funfilled day for Karsynn. We started the day by attending a birthday party for Karsynn's friend, Sydney. It was at Gymboree in Lexington, and was SO MUCH FUN! A really neat place for a birthday party! After that, we headed over to Chuck E Cheese for some more fun with CJ and Kailee, Karsynn's "China Sisters." It was so good to have the girls together again. It's been awhile...too long. As you can see in the last photo, Karsynn was ZONKED after so much fun.

Karsynn at her friend, Sydney's, birthday party at Gymboree! What fun!

The Gang together again...Kailee, Karsynn and CJ

Baby Ali, CJ's sweet!

Karsynn asleep after a long, funfilled day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes, she's on the table! She's rotten!

Karsynn riding Shelby's new tricycle from Tractor Supply, and she LIKES it!

Daddy calls this my Troy Palomalu (Pittsburgh Steeler player) hair.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a New Day...

Today is a historical day in our country's history, so I wanted to capture and preserve a memory for Karsynn. Here's to a better future...CHEERS!

My three babies sweet!

Karsynn at Shelby's birthday party! Happy Birthday cousin!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Years and MCHS Ballgame Pics

I love that smile!

Mama's Lil Wildcat Fan! Yes, this is an outside inflatable, but what Karsy wants, Karsy gets...well usually!

Karsynn watching the Indians play ball.

I'm a little late, but here you go...some recent pics of the girl. We took her to a MCHS high school ballgame last night, and she loved it. The only thing is she thinks she's bigger than she really is and she wants to run all over the gym by herself...NOT happening. The game was between Clark Co. and Montgomery Co. The thing is, Mommy works in Montgomery and Daddy works in Clark, so Karsynn is a bit confused as to who to cheer for. I've taught her the tomahawk chop and to say "Go Indians!" Daddy wants her to say, "Go Cards!" so I've taught her to say, "Dirty Birds!" It's really cute.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ok, so I always post silly pictures of Karsynn on the blog, but this time I'm going to post a few of my own. I had the opportunity to make contact with an old friend that my sister and I went to elementary school (grade school as we called it) with. We all attended a small school within walking distance of my house called Chattaroy Grade School. Everybody knew everyone and that's just how it was, and it's was simple, yet great. I wouldn't change a thing. So, my friend recently emailed me some pictures of the "good old days." Can you spot me? And yes, I was a cheerleader. That was a lot of years and a lot of pounds ago. Oh, to be young again.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Karsynn says, "I Sick" time Mommy believes her!

UPDATE: 24 hr. stomach bug. We're feeling better!!!

When I picked Karsynn up at daycare yesterday, she was so excited! When we got in the car, she kept saying, "I sick." She's a drama queen, that's how she plays. So, typical mommy response, "You're not sick!" Well 5 vomits later (sorry to be so graphic) at 12:20 AM, Mommy finally believes her. She's sick. Not sure if it's something she ate or if she has a stomach bug, but her tummy's feeling yucky. As a mommy, you learn to tolerate a lot of things, but people, I'm telling you, I don't know that I'll ever learn to handle the vomit. OMG!!!! Ok, enough about that. Karsynn is changing so much every day. Santa brought her some really cook Brain Quest cards for 2-4 year olds. Everyday, she gets those card decks and says, "I read." Her vocabulary has increased so much thanks to those cards. She's learning to identify more and more things everyday. It's great! I highly recommend them to all parents of toddlers.

My three "babies." Yeah, right.

Momma's little "rugrat!"

She loves to write on her chalkboard, whiteboard, and especially paper!