Saturday, August 16, 2014

It has been so long since I've posted, so I thought I'd do one tonight. Karsynn is now 7 years old. She is in 2nd grade, and she loves school and learning. She is quite the character, with a strong personality and spiciness. Karsynn enjoys playing soccer, reading books, and she has a fascination with animals.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It has been way too long since I last posted, so I thought I'd update you on the goings-on with Karsynn.

1. Karsynn is in her last year of preschool. My baby girl will be in Kindergarten next school year.
2. Karsynn is very active in lots of activities. Currently she plays basketball, soccer, does dance, and is beginning gymnastics in Jan.
3. Karsynn continues to be an animal lover. Her favorite toys to play with are stuffed animals.
4. Karsynn is starting to learn to read and do math. She is reading basic sight words and is able to do simple addition and subtraction in her head.

We are very blessed to have such an intelligent, loving, kind-hearted child. She amazes me everyday and her smile reminds me daily how good our God truly is.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Welcome Spring!!!!

Wow, has it really been since January that I last posted? I'm not sure where time goes nowadays! I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on Troy's health. He completed his last round of chemotherapy and had a follow-up CT Scan. Praise God for his many blessings...a clean bill of health! They saw no signs of cancer anywhere. So, he is taking an oral chemo as an "insurance policy" as his oncologist calls it. Then he will be able to have his final surgery to reverse the ostomy. After that...who knows. The possibilities are endless! As for Karsynn, she is now 4 going on 14. She is becoming such an independent little stinker! That really breaks Mommy's heart sometimes. She is continuing to love her dance class and is learning ballet and tap. She is also taking gymnastics and is really doing well with that, too. She is so flexible and fears NOTHING, which scares me to death. We recently signed her up for a six week long drama/acting class at the Lexington Children's Theater. She is absolutely LOVING that. I've noticed so much more creativity from her since starting the class, as if she really needed anymore...LOL. We are truly just trying to treasure and enjoy the time we have with her before she begins school in another year. Speaking of school, she is still attending preschool, and I am so impressed with everything she has learned. We are so blessed to have found such a wonderful place to send her. So that's it in a nutshell! Planning our summer vacation to Orlando and Daytona Beach. Karsynn wants to spend two days at Magic Kingdom and one day at Animal Kingdom, and then we'll hit the beach.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Many of you have inquired about Troy's health and have offered your thoughts and prayers. Currently, he is receiving chemotherapy. He is on treatment #5 of 12, and is tolerating them pretty well. After treatment #8, he will have another CT Scan to check progress. If things appear to be ok, then he may stop after #8. If his oncologist is still concerned, then he many continue with 12 treatments. After that, he will have surgery to reverse his ostomy, which he will be so thankful for! Once all of that is complete, his oncologist would like for us to travel to Bethesda, Maryland to participate in a vaccine program that the National Health Institute is doing and is seeing great success with. Not sure, yet, what all of that will include, but we are hopeful for a complete cure. Cancer is a terrible disease, but we are so thankful for early detection and that God has provided us with such amazing surgeons and oncologists! We are truly blessed people! Again, thank you for your thoughts and concerns. Keep praying! God is doing amazing things in our lives!!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Well, 2010 will go down in the books as one of the most EXCITING times at our house, at least according to one four year old little girl! Karsynn absolutely loved everything about Christmas this year. She was so excited by every single part, and it was so cute! First, Buddy Elf began visiting our house the day after Thanksgiving. This is year two for Buddy Elf, and he was still a HUGE hit and a great behavior modifier. Karsynn would jump out of bed each morning, race into the living room and immediately began searching for Buddy's newest location. Mommy also started a new Buddy Elf tradition this year that was a real crowd-pleaser. Buddy began leaving simply $1 or less treats in Kasrynn's stocking this year, so she was just as excited to check each stocking to see what he had left for her. I absolutely love Elf on the Shelf and HIGHLY recommend it!!! Once again, Karsynn was spoiled with 3 Christmas events, Grandma and G-pa's, our house, and Mamaw and Papaw's. She got so much stuff that she truly was overwhelmed. Let's see if I can list a few of her favorite things: Barbie's Vet Pet Shop, Leapter2 w/games, tons of Furreal Animals, artificial food for her kitchen, Dinosaur Train game, Bongo Drums, a fiddle, a Crayon Maker, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads, a new bike, Olivia 2 in 1 house/pirate ship, and tons more! Yep, she's spoiled! In addition to all the great toys she got, we also made our first ever Gingerbread House with cousins Whitney and Dyland, and she really enjoyed that a lot, too. Karsynn performed in her first Christmas Dance Recital. Her group danced a tap to Jolly Old St. Nicholas. So sweet and she did such a great job! I was actually impressed with her ability to remember all the steps and motions! She also played a Shepherd in her preschool Christmas play this year, and even had a speaking part into the microphone. She's such a little ham! Overall, I'd say it was a great Christmas at the Hatfield house. We are so blessed to have Karsynn in our lives. She has brought us more joy than ever imagined and fills our hearts with love! The love I have for my daughter is indescriable! It's unlike anything I've ever experienced! Happy New Year from us to you! We hope and pray that 2011 is a blessed year for you and your's.