Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL Champs!!!


Here's proof that Mommy did support Daddy's favorite team during the Super Bowl.
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Update on Karsynn

Well, the update is that there really isn't an update...UGHHHHHHHH! We haven't heard anything at all from China, and we don't anticipate hearing anything until July. Our Log in Date in China was 11/04, right now it is taking approximately 8 months from LID to get a referral. So, that would make our referral time around July. From that time, we will travel between 5-8 weeks, so I anticipate us leaving for China in August. This isn't exactly the timeframe we had hoped for, but we are not the One in control, now are we? This is something that Troy and I have come to understand during this process. We are at God's mercy and the mercy of the Chinese government. If, in fact, we don't travel until August, then Troy will probably take off the first two weeks of school, and I will try to take off at least 8 weeks. It will all depend on how things go. The sad thing is that we are teachers, so one of will have to work in order to pay the bills. I wish things were different, but oh well. We will make it work, so that Karsynn has what she needs. Again, thank all of you for keeping up-to-date by reading this blog. As we learn more, then we'll let you know. We have had email contact with several couples that will probably be in our travel group to China. They all have similar LIDs as Troy and I. One couple is from Walton, KY (near Cincinnati) and two others are from Indiana. We're very excited to get to know them and share in their journey.