Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005- Our Last Without Karsynn!!!

Lord's willing and nothing happens, this will be our last Christmas and New Years without our baby girl. Hopefully, this time next year, she will be celebrating with us. Things sure will be different around here! She isn't even here yet, but she really "raked it in" at Christmas. Daddy spoiled her absolutely rotten!! She has a wagon, a dinosaur piano, a Mulan Barbie, UK outfits and a hat, and tons more. She will be absolutely rotten!!! Grandma Teresa bought her a Chinese baby doll for Christmas. She's beautiful! She looks so real. It will be a great training tool for Bentley. He doesn't quite know what to think about her yet.

Please continue to pray for a quick referral!!!

Troy and Sammi

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Check out this Cool Website


When you go into the site, click on In China Now. These families are currently in China getting their darlings, and you can see pictures and read their daily updates about their journey. Troy and I are thinking of doing something similar when we go, so that everyone we love and share in our special moments with us. I check updates daily on this site. Somehow, I feel it helps make my wait a little easier.

Love to you all,