Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Wishes for Karsynn for 2009

Karsynn with her Handy Manny Tool Set

Finally...a pretty smile. She's SO SERIOUS when we take pictures.

Karsynn and Shelby at Granny Davis' in WV.

Karsynn with my Mamaw Davis (her Great Granny Davis)

I love her hair down, we just can't do it very often.

To say 2009 almost seems unreal, doesn't it. I can remember being small and thinking that 1991 (my high school graduation year) would never come. Now look, it's come and gone and it's 2009. Where does time go? As the new year approaches, I have many hopes and wishes for my sweet girl. First, I hope her health continues to improve. Her allergies are getting so much better and her ears are doing great. In fact, one tube is out now and the other should come out soon. Dr. MkD. says all is well. I hope for a smooth transition back into daycare, as she has been off for two weeks now. She really loves playing with her little friends, so I think she'll be fine. I hope her sleep habits continue to improve. She has made great progress since giving up the bottle, so we'll see. I hope that she continues to get to spend time with her cousin, Shelby. They've seen each other a lot lately and love playing together. My final hope is that as she continues to grow and mature that she will learn patience. Two year old have NONE!! She really has NONE...but you have to love her!

From our family to yours...Happy New Year!!!! May 2009 bring you happiness, health and better finances! Life is short, so love every single minute of it!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

Our 2nd Christmas together as a family and it was GREAT! Karsynn is getting so big, and she really enjoyed opening her presents this year. She got tons of toys and clothes from Santa, like she needed more! Our Christmas was spent with family and friends, which is the best Christmas present ever.

On Christmas Eve, our school family suffered a terrible tragedy. Four young kids were killed in a house fire in our neighborhood. Three brothers and their 17 year old cousin lost their lives. One of the boys was in the 2nd grade at our school. The 17 year old was a past student of mine, which makes the loss even harder. Please remember these families in your prayers!

Karsynn with her Holiday Dora doll from Uncle Ray...Thank You!!!

Look Out!!! The girl has wheels...

From our family to yours...Merry Christmas!!!

Mommy bought me my own school bus..."I Drive it?"

Mama and Daddy's pretty girl!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Better Late than Never!

Here are a few pictures from Karsynn's birthday party at her daycare. She loves going to daycare, and she's learning so much. I especially love that she has friends to play with everyday! She really likes her teachers, too.

Christmas Break...YEAH!!!!!

Well, it's official, school is out until Jan. 5th...Yeah!!!!!!!! The only thing is, Karsynn is sick :( It started with a fever blister and a mild cough, and now it's a full blown viral infection. She's so pitiful. We visited Dr. Taylor's office yesterday, so she's on the mend now. She woke up this morning with her normal smiling face and as rowdy as ever...thank you God! I'm glad we caught it in time, so she won't be sick over Christmas. So, here's the scoop on where Karsynn is and what she's doing, as we ready to end 2008:

1. She wants NOTHING to do with Ho Ho...nothing! When he's on tv, she says, "turn it off!" I guess that's pretty normal for a two year old?
2. She loves the Christmas lights, the tree and Christmas music, especially the song with her name in it that cousin Whitney bought her last year. That's all we listen to in the car.
3. She is bottle free and is sleeping so much better at night.
4. She's loving daycare and is learning so much. She has a new creation for us almost everyday when we pick her up. So cute, and of course Mommy hangs them all over the pantry door in the kitchen. It's our Wall of Fame for Karsynn.
5. Karsynn is talking so much. I used to get so excited to hear her say new things, but now I can't keep up with it all. She says something new everyday. She loves to count, is learning her ABC's and colors, and can identify basic shapes like circle, triangle and heart.
6. Her favorite sayings as of lately: "I the boss!" "Are you ok, feel better?" and "If Mommy says know, ask Daddy!" (UT OHHHH, we're in trouble! Daddy taught her that one!)

As the holidays approach, I realize how blessed we truly are. Life with Karsynn is good, and who knows, maybe we'll begin the work to add another one to the bunch sometime soon??? Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day!!!

We awoke this morning to about 2 inches of snow and a layer of ice under that. You know what that spells in Kentucky...SNOW DAY! I know we have to make a certain number of these days up in the end, but boy do I ever love getting to stay home with Karsynn. She woke us up this morning at 8:00, but that's the sweetest face to wake up to. We've been lazy all day long, and that's ok. They took school pictures at her daycare, and we got them yesterday. They turned out really cute! I'll try to scan and post those later today. For now, I think it's the perfect time for a cup of hot chocolate with my girl!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sorry for the Delay!!!

I've received a ton of messages asking, "Where are the posts?" Well, this Mommy has been "down for the count" since Friday. It started with me getting strep throat...UGHHH! It ended with my back going out yet again on Saturday night, which in turn ended me up at the ER at Central Baptist in Lexington. It's nothing major, just a case of an aggravated sciatic nerve. I'm on the mend now and am feeling some better. Here are a few pics for you to enjoy! We had Karsynn and CJ's 2 year old picture made together and they turned out quite cute, even if we couldn't get them both to smile. The others are a True Blue fan in the making...Go CATS!

Monday, December 01, 2008

We Did It!!!

It's official, Karsynn is a "bottle free" big girl now! We began the process of taking her night bottle away on Wednesday of Thanksgiving Break, and by Thursday night, it was over. She still periodically says, "Baba," especially at night, but when I tell her she's a big girl now, she immediately asks for her "cuppy." The funny thing is, I think taking the bottle was harder on Mommy than it was on Karsynn. As I dried each bottle and placed it into the storage bag and threw away all her bottle nipples, I actually teared up. I did the same thing when I gave her the last jar of baby food. It's sad. I think I just wanted a baby for so long, that it's just so hard to let her grow into a big girl. I know, I know, get over Mommy. Today was her first day back at daycare in 5 days, so I think I'll call to check on her. I'm sure she's fine, but I bet it was a shock to her waking up around all those people after being home for so many days. Anyways...