Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Wishes for Karsynn for 2009

Karsynn with her Handy Manny Tool Set

Finally...a pretty smile. She's SO SERIOUS when we take pictures.

Karsynn and Shelby at Granny Davis' in WV.

Karsynn with my Mamaw Davis (her Great Granny Davis)

I love her hair down, we just can't do it very often.

To say 2009 almost seems unreal, doesn't it. I can remember being small and thinking that 1991 (my high school graduation year) would never come. Now look, it's come and gone and it's 2009. Where does time go? As the new year approaches, I have many hopes and wishes for my sweet girl. First, I hope her health continues to improve. Her allergies are getting so much better and her ears are doing great. In fact, one tube is out now and the other should come out soon. Dr. MkD. says all is well. I hope for a smooth transition back into daycare, as she has been off for two weeks now. She really loves playing with her little friends, so I think she'll be fine. I hope her sleep habits continue to improve. She has made great progress since giving up the bottle, so we'll see. I hope that she continues to get to spend time with her cousin, Shelby. They've seen each other a lot lately and love playing together. My final hope is that as she continues to grow and mature that she will learn patience. Two year old have NONE!! She really has NONE...but you have to love her!

From our family to yours...Happy New Year!!!! May 2009 bring you happiness, health and better finances! Life is short, so love every single minute of it!!!!

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