Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's that Time of the Month Again...Referral Time

Well, it's time for referrals to be posted again. The Rumor Queen website predicts that they will pick up on Aug. 9 and referrals should go through Aug. 23 or 24. I hope they get further, but I'm not holding my breath. Troy and I were just talking today how we can't wait to hold Karsynn in our arms. I know that this long wait will seem like nothing when they hand her to me, but goodness has it ever been hard. We were in Bob Evans today and saw a couple who have adopted a little boy from Guatemala. He was a CUTIE! Troy and I have talked and we DEFINITELY want TWO, so we'll start paperwork for another as soon as we possibly can. Troy is an only child and he is SPOILED. I can't let Karsynn grow up as an only child. She needs to have someone to be her very best friend, like a little sister from China. Oh well, we'll see. Let's just get her here first. Come on CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're waiting and trying so very hard to be patient.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Beautiful Poem

I found this poem on a family's website that I follow. The words are simply beautiful and express the feelings and thoughts that we have as we wait.

A Moment in Time

You take a child from a far away land
You take a mother with a photo in hand
You put them together in a special way
It's a moment in time-called Gotcha Day.

Some children cry out, others just stare
They don't comprehend what's happening there
But God in His love and mercy proclaims
It's time for these babies to have some new names.

A name with a face, your child now embraced
The heart ache of waiting is quickly erased
That half empty feeling is filled to the brim
The love that's expressed spills over the rim.

If you've been in that room and seen the display
Of love flowing out in this marvelous way
You'll never forget for the rest of your years
The gallons and gallons of joyous spent tears.

This moment won't end, a family now starts
The love just keeps coming direct from the hearts
Of mothers whose dreams have now become true
A great moment in time, its love's grand debut.

Tom Fisher C March 7, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Time Together

Today was a great day. Troy and I got up early this morning with plans on spending the day at Keeneland to watch horseracing. We began the day with breakfast at Bob Evans. While there, we began talking about how in just a few short months our lives will change drastically. With the arrival of Karsynn, we will totally have to rethink the way we do things, but that's ok. We're ready for the changes. We discussed who would get up first in the mornings, who would get Karsynn dressed and fed, and who would take her to Mamaw's, Grandma's or Jane's (a friend's mom who will keep her 2 days a week). Life will certainly become interesting. After arriving at Keeneland, the day became more and more interesting. I left the house with $25 and came home with $20. Not too bad for a day of fun!!! Troy, on the other hand, had a very good day, and that's all we'll say about that. Let's just say that the golf club he's been wanting will be purchased this coming week. We were able to hold a 7 month old little boy today named Ryder Gage. He was an absolute darling, but he weighed 23 lbs. Can you believe it? I think Troy and I need to start packing around some heavy weights, or there's no way we'll be ready to pack Karsynn around in China. I hope she doesn't weigh 23 lbs. Surely she won't???? Overall, it was a super day!