Monday, July 23, 2007

Only 3 Days to go!!!!

Well, the packing has officially begun. YIKES!!!! What a task. So far, we have one LARGE suitcase that contains all of Karsynn's things. It is completely packed!!!!! Troy and I are sharing another large suitcase, but we're over the weight limit, so we'll have to do some shuffling tomorrow. We are also taking one carry on that just bearly makes the limit. China only allows 44 lbs. for checked bags and only 11 lbs. for your carry on, and then you can have one personal items. They're killing me!!! I'm sure when I get home I'll realize that I overpacked, but I just don't want to miss something that I might need. Sounds silly, hunh? I was very proud of myself today. I treated myself to a pedicure today. It was SOOOO relaxing. I told the little Cambodian boy, who was only a sophomore by the way, that I was going to China on Thursday. He said, "I'll massage your legs extra long, then." He's going to make his future wife very happy one day. He was so sweet. He's trying to learn to speak fluent English, so he practiced some with me. He learned "practice, practice, practice" today and he also learned what it means to be "spoiled." So cute! Until next time...


Steve and Alese said...

I can't believe you guys are finally going to get Karsynn! There were times I felt like this day would never come for any of us. It was great to see you and Troy one more time before you leave. Everything will work out just fine on your trip. Enjoy yourselves as much as possible while you are there, and give Karsynn hugs and kisses for us.
We love you guys,
Steve & Alese

Leslie said...

I'm treating myself to one of the pedicures also before I leave. That will feel so nice before that long plane ride. Don't forget to take your asprin!!!!

Can't wait to see your journey unfold. Not to much longer, and you'll be on your way.

God Bless